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Casanova Frankenstein


Casanova Frankenstein


Casanova Frankenstein






The Psycho-frakulator is a weapon that creates a cloud of radically-fluctuating free-deviant chaotrons which penetrate a person's synaptic relays. It's concatenated with a synchronous transport switch that creates a virtual tributary. It's focused onto a biobolic reflector, Warping reality and causing people's hallucinations to become reality. The target's brain is fried from within and eventually their entire body is warped and incinerated, causing a slow and painful death. It can also be used on inanimate objects, causing them to become warped and distorted until they are destroyed. The device requires math so complex, that it was said that it couldn't be built. Despite this, many scientists attempted to construct one, but most of them were driven insane by the complexity of the equations and they were sent to an Insane Asylum. When the villain Casanova Frankenstein was institutionalized, he spoke with the scientists in order to learn and memorize the equations. After being released on parole, Casanova successfully constructs a Psycho-frakulator in his mansion. After capturing the superhero Captain Amazing, he attaches him to the machine with the intention of killing him later. During the attempted rescue of Captain Amazing by the Mystery Men, he attempts to tell the heroes how to deactivate the machine, but Blue Raja accidentally flips the wrong switch, activating the machine and killing him. Later on, Casanova Frankenstein uses a satellite to direct the Psycho-frakulator at all of Champion City, but the machine is destroyed thanks to the Mystery Men when it is smashed by Carmine.

Psycho-frakulator aimed at Captain Amazing

The Psycho-frakulator aimed at Captain Amazing.

Champion City warped by the Psycho-frakulator

Champion City being warped by the Psycho-frakulator.

Captain Amazing being killed

Captain Amazing being killed by the Psycho-frakulator.

Captain Amazing's dead body

Captain Amazing's dead body.

The Bowler affected by the Psycho-frakulator

The Bowler partially affected by the Psycho-frakulator.

Casanova Frankenstein being killed by the Psycho-frakulator

Casanova Frankenstein being killed by the Psycho-frakulator.

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