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Invisible Boy
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Real Name



Invisible Boy


unnamed father

Base of Operations

Champion City


Mystery Men




Secret Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Kel Mitchell

Invisible Boy in his civilian attire.

Invisible Boy's original uniform.


Invisible Boy is a resident of Champion City who spent most of his adolescent life ignored even by his own father. Eventually he discovered that after years of being overlooked, he had developed the power of invisibility, but it only works as long as no one (including himself) is looking at him.

One day, he is approached by the Superheroes Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and Blue Raja about becoming a part of their team. He tells them he knows other heroes and while discussing how to recruit them, they meet an unpopular hero called The Spleen. Him and The Spleen are allowed to join and they decide to hold tryouts at The Shoveler's house. The heroes that attended, but failed to make the team include the Waffler, Pencilhead and Son of Pencilhead, Squeegee Man, Powerwoman (several of them), PMS Avenger, Ballerinaman, Bullfighter and Radio Man among others.

The final audition was that of a female hero called The Bowler. Mr. Furious is reluctant about allowing The Bowler to join, but his team overrules him. The team attacks Casanova Frankenstein, but does little more than annoy him. Despite this they celebrate their victory. Casanova sends his associates, the Disco Boys including Tony C. and their leader Tony P. to kill the new superheroes. They are saved by the hero, The Sphinx, who uses his power to slice the Disco Boys' guns in half with his mind.

The Sphinx begins training the team to work better together. With Sphinx's help, Invisible Boy designs a new costume. After Mr. Furious' falling out with the team, they decide they need to get better firepower. They go to Dr. Heller to acquire some of his non lethal weaponry. After completing their training, they (along with Mr. Furious, who reconciled with the team) attack Casanova Frankenstein's base in an attempt to rescue Captain Amazing, but Amazing is accidentally killed by Casanova's new weapon, the Psycho-frakulator. They realize they need to destroy the weapon.

Mr. Furious aquires a defensive tank from his junkyard. They enter Casanova Frankenstein's mansion and Invisible Boy uses his powers to disarm a motion activated disintegrator. They deal with several gangs in Casanova Frankenstein's mansion, including the Not-So-Goodie Mob, the Furriers, the Susies, the Frat Boys, the Suits (including their leader, Big Tobacco) and the Disco Boys. After Casanova Frankenstein is killed, Invisible Boy assists in the destruction of the Psycho-frakulator.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Invisibility: The Invisible Boy has the ability to become invisible, but only when no one (including himself) is looking.




  • Herkimer Battle Jitney: A defensive armored tank Mr. Furious aquired from the junkyard where he worked.
  • Station Wagon: Invisible Boy, along with the other Mystery Men, drove in Eddie's station wagon several times.