Insane Asylum
Insane Asylum

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Insane Asylum, Psychiatric Facility, Mental Institution, Mental Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital






United States




Champion City


The Insane Asylum is a psychiatric facility located on a small island in Champion City. Some time before 1979, a new staff member named Anabel Leek is hired as a psychiatrist and also becomes a member of the parole board. In 1979, the villain Casanova Frankenstein is involuntarily admitted to the facility. Dr. Leek is appointed as his psychiatrist. He has sixteen parole hearings over the years, but is denied each time. Dr. Leek has many sessions with Casanova, but rather than cure him, he seduces her and she joins him in his life of crime. He spends most of his time in the facility, speaking with several scientists who are also institutionalized because they were trying to design a machine called the Psycho-frakulator that required equations so complex, that it drove them insane. He manages to successfully memorize the equations for the Psycho-frakulator. In 1999, During Casanova's seventeenth parole hearing, he fakes being cured of his insanity and Dr. Leek claims that she believes him in an attempt to get him released, but the other members of the parole board don't believe him and vote that his parole be denied. Before the ruling is final, billionaire lawyer Lance Hunt arrives and petitions the board to give Casanova a second chance. The majority of the board is still unconvinced. Lance then asks if he may read a letter from the superhero, Captain Amazing assuring them of Casanova's reform. After hearing Captain Amazing's recommendation, the parole board vote that Casanova Frankenstein is cured and he is released. Shortly after his release, Casanova Frankenstein blows up the Insane Asylum.

Casanova's parole hearing

Casanova Frankenstein's seventeenth parole hearing.

Insane Asylum front entrance

Insane Asylum front entrance.

Insane Asylum Destroyed

Insane Asylum Destroyed.

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