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Eddie's Station Wagon

Official Name

1959 AMC Cross Country Custom


Eddie's Station Wagon




Eddie/The Shoveler, Lucille


Eddie, Lucille, the Mystery Men, presumably Butch, Roland and Tracy as passengers


Vehicle, Car




Eddie and his wife, Lucille own and drive a blue 1959 AMC Cross Country Station Wagon. Eddie frequently borrows the vehicle for use by him and his friends during their outings as the superhero team, the Mystery Men. The team had taken the car to an attempt to defeat the Red Eyes gang and their leader, Big Red before being defeated. They then drove to the Lakeside Diner to have dinner. Eddie later drove the car home, running over and ruining one of his kids' toys in the process. Upon hearing of Captain Amazing's disappearance, the Mystery Men drive to Casanova Frankenstein's mansion, but are soundly defeated by the Disco Boys gang and forced to retreat back to the diner once more to rethink their strategy. After having recruited The Bowler, The Spleen and the Invisible Boy onto their team, they spot and are spotted by Casanova and the Disco Boys on the road, leading to a minor altercation in which they slightly damage Casanova Frankenstein's Limo before speeding off after the Disco Boys begin shooting at them. They drive to a bar to celebrate only to be followed. The Disco Boys block the Mystery Men from their car before being chased off by The Sphinx. They use the car to attend several of The Sphinx's training sessions as well as to visit the Heller Fairgrounds to acquire weaponry. In a second attempt at recuing Amazing, they drive back to Casanova's mansion only to fail once more, resulting in Amazing's death, forcing them to flee once more and drive back to the Fairgrounds for information on the weapon that killed him. The station wagon is last seen after Eddie uses it to return from saying goodbye to his family and go to the junkyard where he and the team leave the car in favor of taking the Herkimer Battle Jitney, a non-lethal armored tank into their final confrontation with Casanova Frankenstein.


  • The license plate on the station wagon reads BL-KX 476.