Disco Boys
Disco boys-1-

Real Names

Tony Pompadour, Tony C., Others Unknown


Disco Boys


Tony P. (Leader), Tony C. (Second-in-command), lackeys

Base of Operations

Champion City


Casanova Frankenstein, Casanova Frankenstein's gangs




Public Identities


United States


gang members, criminals

Portrayed by

Eddie Izzard, Praskazrel Samuel Michel (Pras), Adrian Armas, Gichi Gamba, Thomas Lake, Solo Scott, Robert Musselman, Erik Michael Tristan, Other Unknown


The Disco Boys is a gang that formed in the 1970's by disco enthusiasts Tony P. and Tony C. Using a disco theme as the basis for their entire oranization, they united at least seven other like-minded indiviuals and began rising in notoriety by commiting various crimes. They became so well known, they were approached by the Supervillain Casanova Frankenstein, who began uniting all organized crime groups in Champion City together under his rule. The leader of the Disco Boys, Tony P. is appointed as Casanova Frankenstein's second in command. At some point, Tony P. kills the Superhero, Carmine The Bowler. After Casanova Frankenstein's final defeat by Captain Amazing in 1979, he is sent to an insane asylum and the Disco Boys disband and flee Champion City. In 1999, the Disco Boys become aware of Casanova Frankenstein getting released for good behavior and Return to Champion City. They are followed back to their hideout by the heroes Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and Blue Raja whom they easily defeat. Tony P and Tony C. are in Casanova's limo when they are attacked by the same heroes they defeated before plus three new members of their team. They come out unscathed and retaliate in full force. They are disarmed by The Sphinx and retreat. The Disco Boys attend a meeting held by Casanova Frankenstein intended to reunite his former gangs and to demonstrate his new weapon for them. They witness the end results of the machine's power after they are shown Captain Amazing's dead body. During a final attack on Casanova's mansion by the Mystery Men, the Disco Boys are defeated, one of the members is accidentally killed by the mansion's defense systems and Tony P. is killed by The Bowler. It is unknown whether or not the other members survived the destruction of Casanova's mansion.




  • Handguns: Gold and Silver colored custom Hand Guns wieded by the entire gang. They are destroyed by The Sphinx. Handguns are used again during their final confrontation with the Mystery Men.
  • Machine gun: Used by one of the Disco Boys during their final confrontation with the Mystery Men.
  • Flamethrower: Wielded by Tony P. during their last confrontation with the Mystery Men. Disguised as a can of Hair-spray.
  • Metal Pole: Actually a curtain rod wielded by Tony C. during their last confrontation with the Mystery Men.
  • Pipe: Wielded by one of the members of the Disco Boys.
  • Chain: Wieded by one of the Disco Boys.
  • Bat: A small, metal baseball bat used by one of the members of the Disco Boys.
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