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Casanova Frankenstein's mansion
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Casanova Frankenstein's mansion




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Champion City


Casanova Frankenstein's mansion is a large mansion located in Champion City and the base of operations of the villain, Casanova Frankenstein. One of Casanova Frankenstein's gangs, the Disco Boys also reside here and have created a Disco themed room, called the Disco Room in the mansion. In 1979, Casanova Frankenstein is institutionalized and the Disco Boys flee Champion City. In 1999, Casanova Frankenstein is released on parole and returns to his mansion, where he constructs a Psycho-frakulator. The Disco Boys hear of Casanova's release and return to the mansion. They are greeted by Casanova in the Disco room, where they have a brief discussion about disco and Casanova promises that he will revive the now dead genre of music when he rules Champion City. He then blows up the Insane Asylum where he was locked up in order to lure the superhero Captain Amazing to his mansion. After outsmarting the hero and successfully rendering him unconscious, he straps him to the Psycho-frakulator. Casanova Frankenstein Reunites all of his gangs and invites them to his mansion where he shows them Captain Amazing's dead body (accidentally killed by Blue Raja of the Mystery Men while trying to free him). The Mystery Men attack the mansion resulting in a large battle between them and Casanova Frankenstein and his gangs, at the end of which the mansion is destroyed.



  • Motion Activated Disintegrator: A part of the mansion's defense system. It disintegrated a member of the Disco Boys, but was disarmed by the Invisible Boy.
  • Electrified Staircase: Used by Casanova Frankenstein to keep the majority of the Mystery Men at bay, at the cost of killing his own men, the Frat Boys.


  • At least ten people died in the mansion. Captain Amazing and Casanova Frankenstein (both killed by the Psycho-frakulator), an unnamed member of the Disco Boys (killed by the mansion's motion sensors) and all seven members of the Frat Boys (killed when Casanova electrified his staircase).

    The front gate to Casanova Frankenstein's mansion.