Big Tobacco
Big tobacco-1-

Real Name



Big Tobacco



Base of Operations

Champion City


Suits (his gang)




Secret Identity


United States


Criminal, Business Owner

Portrayed by

James Duke


At some point in his life, the man known only as Big Tobacco made his fortune in the tobacco industry through less than reputable means. Heading a wave of corporate corruption in Champion City, Big Tobacco starts his own company. He soon finds other business owners who are just as corrupt as he is and together they form a gang called the Suits. They begin making a name for themselves, killing any one who dares to oppose them. He and his gang become so notorious, they are approached by the villain Casanova Frankenstein, who recruits him and his gang into his organization. They remained with his organization until his incarceration in a mental institution in 1979. In 1999, Big Tobacco along with the other Suits attend a meeting held by the recently paroled Casanova Frankenstein intended to reunite his former gangs and to demonstrate his new weapon for them. They witness the end results of the machine's power after they are shown Captain Amazing's dead body. During a final attack on Casanova's mansion by the Mystery Men, Big Tobacco disarms The Spleen. They are attaced by Blue Raja, but manage to deflect his forks. Big Tobacco along with the other Suits are defeated by The Bowler and The Sphinx. It is unknown whether or not they survived the destruction of Casanova's mansion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Business Management: Big Tobacco is an incredibly shrewd and savvy businessman.



  • Briefcase: Big Tobacco as well as the other Suits carry Briefcases and used them to block Blue Raja's forks.
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