Dr. Anabel Leek
Dr. Anabel Leek

Real Name

Anabel Leek


Dr. Anabel Leek, Dr. Leek, Doctor Leek, Doctor Anabel Leek


Casanova Frankenstein (lover, deceased)

Base of Operations

Champion City


Casanova Frankenstein




Public Identity


United States


Criminal/formerly a Psychiatrist

Portrayed by

Lena Olin


Anabel Leek is a Psychiatrist living in Champion City who, at some point in her life, gets a job at the local Insane Asylum. She also becomes a member of the parole board. In 1979, the villain Casanova Frankenstein is institutionalized at the facility and Dr. Leek is appointed as his psychiatrist. She eventually succumbs to his charms and they become lovers. In 1999, during Casanova's seventeenth parole hearing, she tells the board that he is cured and should be released, but none of the other board members believe her. Casanova is paroled anyway after testimony from billionaire lawyer, Lance Hunt and a "letter of recommendation" from the superhero Captain Amazing both assuring the board of Casanova's reform. Anabel reunites with Casanova at his mansion and looks on as he destroys her former place of employment, the Insane Asylum. It is unknown whether or not she survived the destruction of Casanova Frankenstein's mansion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Psychiatry
Anabel Leek in civilian clothes

Dr. Anabel Leek in her civilian guise.

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