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Dr. Heller
Doctor a heller-1-.jpg

Real Name

A. Heller


Dr. Heller, Dr. A. Heller, Doctor Heller, Doctor A. Heller, Doc, Heller



Base of Operations

Champion City


Mystery Men




Public Identity


United States


Weapons Designer, Inventor, Mad Scientist

Portrayed by

Tom Waits


Dr. Heller is an eccentric genius and inventor living in Champion City, who owns and resides in the now

Doctor A. Heller's business card

abandoned Heller Fairgrounds. Operating out of the Old Funhouse, Dr. Heller provides many services including aromatherapy, laser hair removal, carnival rides and chicken rentals, but it's apparent that he doesn't get much business. He spends most of his time either inventing new non-lethal weapons or visiting the local retirement center to meet women. During an outing to the retirement center, he is caught in the middle of it's attempted robbing by the Red Eyes gang (and their leader Big Red). He witnesses the superheroes Mr. Furious, Shoveler and Blue Raja as they attempt to prevent the theft, only to get beaten. After the Red Eyes are defeated by Captain Amazing, Dr. Heller offers his services to the down on their luck heroes and gives them his business card, but they dismiss him as crazy. When the heroes realize they need more firepower, members of their team (including Shoveler, The Spleen and The Bowler) arrive at the Fairgrounds to take him up on his offer. The Bowler is skeptical of his competence until he provides a demonstration. He supplies weapons that are used to assist in the defeat of the supervillain Casanova Frankenstein. He watches proudly as his team of heroes makes it's televised debut during news coverage of Casanova Frankenstein's defeat.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Dr. Heller is a mad scientist who invented many non-lethal weapons and other useful tools such as the Electro-Nuclear Magnet.




  • Canned Tornado: One of Dr. Heller's inventions. Designed to harness the raw power of a tornado in a small container. Once released it will disorient enemies, but not cause casualties. Used by Dr. Heller on The Spleen as part of a demonstration.
  • Blame Thrower: One of Dr. Heller's inventions. It stimulates parts of the brain responsible for negative emotions and causes its targets to argue with and insult each other, distracting them from all other activities for a short time.
  • Shrinker: One of Dr. Heller's inventions. It's a high temperature fabric adhesive liquid projector based on simple dry cleaning technology. Aimed at clothes, it causes them to constrict until their wearer is unable to move.
  • Hair Dryer: A modified hair dryer turned into a non-lethal weapon of some sort. It was almost used on members of the Mystery Men whom he suspected of being intruders, but quickly recognized one of the members and lowered the weapon. It's function is still unknown.
  • Glue Grenades: One of Dr. Heller's inventions. They appear to be water balloons filled with a highly sticky glue-like substance capable of adhering enemies to various surfaces so they can no longer move.